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I have a database in Excel which consists of several sheets (each sheet has many tables) and it concerns the management of material and human resources (tables, classroom, instructor, etc.)
I want to switch to an organized system that allows:
-Connect and add user and permissions
-Work online
-Add new information
-Edit information (delete, update,...)
-Apply queries
-Show statistics
-Extract data to Excel
So I want to know that it will be the best technology to develop this solution
Thanks in advance for your kind reply

What I have tried:

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Updated 21-Jul-22 10:16am

Start by not using Excel.

Excel is a spreadsheet, and what your are describing is a database - and while you can treat excel as a database, it really isn't very good at it, which means that whatever you try to do with it gets very flaky, very quickly.
It's kind of like when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But when what you are actually hammering are screws what you do is mess things up even though it appears to work at first glance.

And that's before you get to the big problems engendered by just one of your requirements:
-Work online

Online means a client server system, with many clients talking to a single server.
And servers do not have Office installed, because that costs money and the users can't see it anyway!
And worse ... Excel uses a file and expects a single user to be accessing and modifying it at a time: in a multiuser system there could be hundreds of people reading, writing, and updating information simultaneously. Excel isn't designed for that!

Use a database, and separate the tables in your sheets into actual tables, with defined relationships between them that the DB engine can both check and enforce - your whole task (once you get over the learning curve) will be easy to write, easier to understand, easier to modify, and much, much more reliable.

Check what your hosting service provides - usually SQL Server or MySQL - and use that. They are both designed to work with multiple users, as well as read, write, and update row based table data.

By all means export reports to excel if you really need them - but don't use a spreadsheet as a database!
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Mohamed Ghazal 21-Jul-22 15:45pm    
Hello OriginalGriff thanks for your time and your answer actually I want to know what will be the best technology to develop this application (Exp ASP.NET, ...)
There is no "best". There is only what appropriately works for you.

What is "best" for someone else and their project may not be understandable by you or even usable in yours.

This is a question you have to answer for yourself. ASP.NET, MVC, Razor, Blazor, Bootstrap, ... This is more a personal choice than a requirement for your app.
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