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how backup database with close project or form

bool close = Convert.ToBoolean(this.Close());
if (close = true)
string Query2 = "Backup Database HNH To Disk ='" + @"\\Backup" + dt + ".bak" + "'";

What I have tried:

how backup database with close project or form
Updated 26-Jul-22 5:16am
0x01AA 26-Jul-22 10:20am    
Personally I would move that job to windows task scheduler. Like this you can schedule regular backups. And depending on your needs you can also invoke the scheduler task programmatically.

1 solution

Erm ... Close doesn't return anything - it's a void method: Form.Close Method (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Docs[^] so that code probably won't even compile.

If you want to do something when a form closes, handle the FormClosing event[^] and do it there.
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