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How can I calculate values using certain conditions like
The first column, the first row, contains the Audi type vehicle The second column, the first row, contains a valid vehicle status

Label 1 = 1

The first column, the second row, contains the Audi type vehicle The second column The second row contains the damaged vehicle position

Label 2 = 1

What I have tried:

In short, calculating the status of vehicles?
Updated 7-Aug-22 2:20am
Graeme_Grant 6-Aug-22 19:49pm    
What have you tried?
Ashen_Boy 7-Aug-22 8:09am    
i dont triy any code
becose i dont know any code for this
Richard MacCutchan 7-Aug-22 2:57am    
What exactly are you trying to calculate? The only information you seem to be storing is status values.
Ashen_Boy 7-Aug-22 8:22am

i want to count like this

photo in the link above
Richard MacCutchan 7-Aug-22 8:28am    
Yes, we know that you want to count something. From what I can see in your posted image you have a number of rows of data in a datagridview. So where is the source of that data? If it is in a database then some SQL should be able to do it for you. If it is coming from somewhere else then you need to explain in more detail.

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