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Hi friend.
I am creating some codes for masking. my requirement is that. once I enter customer mobile number and credit number into the textbox so some number should be convert into XX or * . like 9818233223, 3298472934729347
9818xxxx23 3298XXXXXXXX347
so i have created some codes but in console application it is working fine but once i am using these codes into window forms so it is not working. i am using Regex pattern please check my codes and make it clear for me

What I have tried:

public string CustomerMobileNumberMasking(string input)
            string Output = "";
            input = string.Empty;

                if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(input))
                    string pattern = @"\d(?!\d{0,1}$)";
                    string result = Regex.Replace(input, pattern, m => new string('*', m.Length));
                    Output = result;

                return Output;
            catch (Exception ex)

               return Output;
Updated 15-Aug-22 10:25am

1 solution

Your regex is pretty much meaningless:
Any single digit, followed by missing suffix of one or zero other digits t the end of the string.

To be honest, I wouldn't use a regex to replace this: use a regex to valid the string as all numeric, and check the length - but then use string.Substring to break the string card number into three pieces and replace the centre section with stars: it'll be easier, and a lot more understandable should the rues change later!
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faizyab 2009 16-Aug-22 2:27am    
Sir if you have any valid pattern so please provide to me . as per my requirement i can use only these codes.
please make it clear. or send me valid codes

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