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I have only just begun. I want to know, how many types of syntax are used in total c programming?

What I have tried:

Because, I am also beginner. so I need your help now. Please help me as soon as possible. Thank you.
Updated 15-Aug-22 14:27pm
jeron1 15-Aug-22 16:18pm    

Well someone had to say it. :-)
Dipta dey 16-Aug-22 16:19pm    
I mean header,main function,print etc which is related c program.
jeron1 16-Aug-22 17:36pm    
Sorry that description does not bring any clarity, at least for me, on what it is that you are looking for.
Member 13566383 16-Aug-22 1:57am    
Do you know what the word syntax means?
Perhaps you should read
If you have read and understood this article, you will see that your question doesn't make much sense.
Dipta dey 16-Aug-22 16:18pm    
I mean header,main function,print etc which is related c program.

Your question doesn't make much sense. A dump of C's grammar, as used by a compiler, wouldn't help you at all. What you need is a textbook that will teach you C, and many people recommend this one:

C Programming Language, 2nd Edition[^]
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A whole bunch of them : C Tutorial[^]
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That's not a "real" question - there aren't different types of syntax used in C - the language as a whole has a syntax: C Syntax Rules[^] but it isn't made up of separate syntaxes.

And while syntax is the whole of the language, but understanding that alone won't make you able to write "good code" - it just gives you the implementation of the good code in a specific language. The processes and algorithms, the mindset of writing code: they are independent of the specific language and it's syntax to a massive degree.

So think about what you expect to get as an answer and what you want to do with the information - then think about what the question you want answered actually is, because what you have asked here isn't it!
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Your question is meaningless.

Variations in C syntax are usually minor and depend on the compiler being used.

As a whole the C language hasn't changed much over the decades, however, the libraries you may be using are too numerous to count and are dependent on what you want to do, the application type you're writing, the O/S you're writing for, and even the hardware you're targeting.

You're asking the wrong question.
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