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Hello guys,
How to hide or remove following row if cell value meet the condition. Exaple

Column1 Column2 Column3
A. 1 H
H. 7 g
L. 9 f
B. 3 a

If Column2 cell value = 7 then stop on that row..the following row will hide or deleted..

I've been searching this for whole day but no luck...hope you can help me guys.

BTW. C# .Net Desktop Application

What I have tried:

Btw. DataGrid is bound in data table...
Updated 5-Sep-22 2:59am
Richard MacCutchan 4-Sep-22 3:30am    
You need to remove the row from the DataTable and then refresh the DataGrid.
Maciej Los 4-Sep-22 4:44am    
Sounds like an answer.
Richard MacCutchan 4-Sep-22 7:21am    
If you think a guess is an answer. :)

First of all - you can fetch into a datatable object only the data you want to get, by filtering a database in a query:
FROM ...
WHERE Column2 <> 7;

Second - you can filter datatable object:
DataTable.Select Method (System.Data) | Microsoft Docs[^]

Third - filter data by Linq:
Filtering with DataView (LINQ to DataSet) - ADO.NET | Microsoft Docs[^]

There's probably few other ways to achieve that.
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I am not sure how you are binding your data table to the view, but here are a couple of suggestions that may be useful. If it is permissable to exclude the row where Column2 is equal to 7, you can use TakeWhile.

IEnumerable<DataRow> query= dataTable.AsEnumerable().
                           TakeWhile(r => long.Parse(r["Column2"].ToString()) != 7); 
var myDataTable = query.CopyToDataTable();

If you need to include the row where Coulumn2 is equal to a given value, you could wite a method similar to this.
public  IEnumerable<DataRow> GetUpTo(Func<long,bool>isFirstOf)
       foreach(var row in dataTable.AsEnumerable())
          yield return row;
          if (isFirstOf(long.Parse(row["Column2"].ToString()))) break;


You can call it like this
var redactedDataTable = GetUpTo(x=>x==7).CopyToDataTable();

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