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I'm writing a C++ app for Linux in windows environment.
I can debug fine, but when an exception occurs or when stepping the last line of main function, VS freezes. to make the VS responsive again, I kill its connection.
now, I don't know if its GDB's fault or VS's.
any tips on how can i resolve this issue?

What I have tried:

reinstalling GDB
different versions of GDB
uninstalling all additional VS plugins
Member 15627495 4-Sep-22 3:31am    

It's hard to help because you don't give enough information.

It's a freeze or a crash ?
do you have in your code an 'infinity loop' ?

VS , by faulty code , can stay inoperant.
do you have a 'error report' with this freeze ?

If you compile on your local computer, then bring on the linux your app, do you have this bug ?
reverser69 4-Sep-22 5:50am    
as I said, it freezes. when I kill the connection, VS becomes responsive again after showing "GDB error". there is no error as VS pops up a notification "VS is busy doing something". I didn't understand your last sentence thoroughly; do mean i try debugging my app in Linux? if so, I must use VS code which changes the whole situation.
Member 15627495 4-Sep-22 10:22am    
the freeze could come from the Main Thread, by a huge operation, the GUI doesn't respond.
It's normal.
you can wait for the end of the work, or add 'Thread' or 'task' to compute.
a second Thread will unlock your GUI.

a Thread have a limited space to work, ram, handles, CPU use...
but you can add Thread to operate, and see your GUI unlock ( when the second Thread is working ).

A busy single Thread leads to a GUI lock ( just wait... )

Is your script operating a big amount of datas ?

you know you can add a bit of code here, to help the helpers, It's a hard time with a little of information

the GBD error is which type of error ?

is your App using remote resources, that could explain why your app reborn when you disconnect.
reverser69 5-Sep-22 2:01am    
I'm 99% sure that its not code related. even a simple exception raising act will cause the debug to hang; accessing out of bound array index or stepping out of main() also freezes the VS. i think the only way to help the helper is give them VS and GDB logs. any tips on where those logs are?
reverser69 7-Sep-22 1:12am    
so, i added older repositories to my source.list and i could install "9.1-0ubuntu1" version of GDB. now i don't have any problems. i don't know whether this problem is from my side or its bug and i should report it.

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