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I want to make a script that does a sequence of clicking on buttons.
The tricky part is that each time you click a button it will direct you to another page.

Thanks in advance!

What I have tried:

//works fine until here

//This part is not running. It makes sense because it should only run after being in the next loaded page. I thought the timeout would work but it does not.
setTimeout(() => {document.getElementById(id2').click()}, 5000);
Updated 10-Sep-22 12:16pm

1 solution

To stop the form from reloading when you click button you need to stop the event bubbling up through to the form by doinf something like this;
<body onclick="alert(`the bubbling doesn't reach here`)">
  <button onclick="event.stopPropagation()">Click me</button>

See this article; /bubbling-and-capturing[^]
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Taredan 10-Sep-22 18:06pm    
The second button is in the page loaded from the clicking of the first button.

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