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Let's say you want to draw a diagram for how to calculate your final value "finalresult" so that the operators of multiplication or division or subtraction or addition are known in the diagram. How can this be done?

finalresult = a1 + a2

a1 = b1 + b2
a2 = c1 + c2

b1 = p * (u1 + u2 - u3)
b2 = q * (v1 - v2 + v3)

c1 = r1 * (k1 / k2 + k3)
c2 = r2 * (t1 + t2)

What I have tried:

I try to use EdrawMax app , but I can't.
Updated 12-Sep-22 8:30am

You'd have to look at the variables and what ranges and increments they should have. Because in what you show us, all that generates is a single value for a given set of p, q, rn, tn, kn, un, and vn - which you can chart if you want but it would be rather boring.

Then you'd have to loop through the variable value ranges, and generate your points before you could chart them.

But frankly, unless the number of variable sis brought down to a reasonable number first, it's probably going to a be waste of time trying: you have 15 possible variables in there so that's going to be a pretty big phase space you are working with!
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Dave Kreskowiak 12-Sep-22 7:54am    
I don't think he's looking for a graph, but a step-by-step solve of the equation. Something like how Mathematica or Wolfram Alpha does it. Wolfram|Alpha[^]
You can find some (free) alternatives to Wolfram Mathematica here:
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