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Hello, I am trying to finish this program which is about using dynamic memory to store an animal in a specific cage and then be called again using commands 1 through 4. but when I try to run the program it tells me that there's an error in line 48 that "i" is not declared.. I am stuck there and I could not figure out why that error is showing

 <pre>// Include the header files

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

// Structures for cages and sections

typedef struct Cage Cage;
typedef struct Section Section;

// A structure to store animals in a cage

struct Cage {
        char animal [1001];
} cage;

// A structure to store cages in a section
// This struct was copied from the Assignment 1 PDF file

struct Section {
        struct Cage *cages;
        int numCages;
} *sections;

int numSections, type, nSection, nCage;
char nAnimal [1001];

// Add main function
// Add commands "type"
// Command "1" is to add sections and cages.
// Command "2" is to add an animal to a section/cage.
// Command "3" is to print the animal.
// Command "4" is to end the program.

int main(){

    scanf ("%d", &numSections);

// Dynamic memory for numSections

sections = malloc (sizeof(struct Section) * numSections);

for (int i = 0; i < numSections; i++); {

    sections [i].cages = NULL;
    sections [i].numCages = 0;


        (type !=4){
        scanf("%d %d", &nSection, &nCage);

        if (type == 1){

            if (nSection > numSections) continue;
            sections [nSection - 1].cages = realloc (sections [nSection - 1].cages, sizeof(Cage) * nCage);
            for (int i = sections [nSection - 1].numCages; i < nCage; i++)
              strcpy (sections[nSection - 1].cages [i].animal, "No animal found");
              sections [nSection - 1].numCages = nCage;

        if (type == 2){

            scanf("%d %d", &nSection, &nCage);
            if (nSection > numSections) continue;
            if (nCage > sections [nSection - 1].numCages) continue;

            scanf ("%s\n", sections [nSection - 1].cages [nCage -1].animal);

        if (type == 3){

            scanf("%d %d", &nSection, &nCage);
            if ((nSection > numSections) || (nCage > sections [nSection - 1].numCages)){
                printf("No animal found");
            printf ("%s\n", sections [nSection -1].cages [nCage - 1].animal);

    }while (type !=4);

    for (int i = 0; i < numSections; i++) free (sections [i].cages);
    free (sections);

    return 0;

What I have tried:

I could not understand why it shows "i" as undeclared, especially that this is the only error that shows so I did not want to change a whole bunch of the code so I won't get more errors.
Updated 12-Sep-22 14:12pm

1 solution

for (int i = 0; i < numSections; i++); {
The problem is the last semicolon on that line. It ends the for statement and the scope of the variable i is limited to that for statement so it falls out of scope after the semicolon and is no longer defined.

This will work better :
for (int i = 0; i < numSections; i++) {
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CPallini 13-Sep-22 2:09am    

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