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i have a table ida idb name

now i want to make a query to find result 4 with name 00123andme
or i want to get result id 2 searching with 001bang1

What I have tried:

SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `name` LIKE '%00123andme%'
Updated 15-Sep-22 2:55am
0x01AA 14-Sep-22 14:46pm    
On a first glance it looks like LOCATE should do the job: LOCATE() function in MySQL - GeeksforGeeks[^]

1 solution

I was going to share a fiddle but I can't just now.
I created your table like this
create table `table` (ida int, idb int, `name` varchar(50));
insert into `table` (ida, idb, `name`) values
First comment - I would avoid using reserved words such as table or name

The reason your attempt doesn't work is because it is the "wrong way around". Try this instead
SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE '00123andme' LIKE CONCAT('%',`name`,'%');
You can read up on pattern matching at MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: Pattern Matching[^]

Kudos to @0X01AA for their comment about LOCATE
These queries also return the rows you mention
select * from `table` where LOCATE(`name`,'00123andme') > 0;
select * from `table` where LOCATE(`name`,'001bang1') > 0;
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