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i don't know how to delete the (asked question) because i leaving this site so anyone who know to delete the (asked question) i don't get answer for my question and there are some down voting for my question it make me feel sad
if any one feel the same comment so all of them can know

What I have tried:

i don't know because i am new bee
Updated 3-Oct-22 3:43am
PIEBALDconsult 3-Oct-22 9:09am    
You don't. And why leave the site?
Richard MacCutchan 3-Oct-22 9:54am    
Try clicking the delete icon.

1 solution

You didn't get an answer because you didn't ask a question.
All you did was post irrelevant code, and shout at us: "I NEED TO CREATE A SEARCH BAR IN MY UWP APP"

Shouting is rude: that's probably why you were downvoted.
Not showing any effort? That's not going to get you responses.

If you want answers, you have to ask questions, and they have to make sense.
Remember, we have no idea what you are trying to do, or where you are starting from. We don't even have any idea where you are stuck, or what help you might need unless you specifically tell us.

So start here: Asking questions is a skill[^] and think about what you need to know, and what you need to tell us in order to get help when you ask next time.
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OriginalGriff 3-Oct-22 10:39am    
When you start off by being rude to people you want help from - whether you meant to be rude or not - you get peoples backs up; you annoy them.
Some people will respond to this by downvoting, some by ignoring you. Very few will open a conversation with you because the chances are that no matter what they say, you will only get ruder. And you have a history of "leaving CAPS on", which discourages others from wanting anything to do with you if you start off badly.

SHOUTING is rude: it's saying "I'm much more important than anyone else here, do what I say NOW".
If we accepted it from you, how quickly do you think before everyone SHOUTED all the time, because everyone else did and it's the only way to "get attention"? And then that escalates, and the problem gets worse.

So, check CAPS before you type anything, and make sure you ask an actual question what you want an answer!

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