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I have a array list items called uploadFileList. From the list, FileType is contain only 4 those files called Document1,Document2,Document3,Document4 then it is fine otherwise show not upload FileType name. How can I create validation here?

var uploadFileList = [

    "FileId": 0.9451747420274028,
    "FileName": "Document1.pdf",
    "FileType": "Document1",
    "FileLength": "224.87 KB",
    "IsFileUploaded": true
    "FileId": 0.7652505978317876,
    "FileName": "Document2.pdf",
    "FileType": "Document2",
    "FileLength": "333.36 KB",
    "IsFileUploaded": true
    "FileId": 0.07227017011947456,
    "FileName": "Document3.pdf",
    "FileType": "Document3",
    "FileLength": "124.54 KB",
    "IsFileUploaded": true
    "FileId": 0.6777927265002333,
    "FileName": "Document4.pdf",
    "FileType": "Document4",
    "FileLength": "1.00 MB",
    "IsFileUploaded": true

What I have tried:

How to validate and show message for not uploaded files?

if (uploadFileList.FileType.contain("Document1,Document2,Document3")) {
                    alert("Please upload Document4.");
                } else if (uploadFileList.FileType.contain("Document1,Document2,Document4")) {
                    alert("Please upload Document3.");
                else if (uploadFileList.FileType.contain("Document1,Document3,Document4")) {
                    alert("Please upload Document2.");
Updated 4-Oct-22 0:39am

1 solution

How about:
const expectedFileTypes = [ "Document1", "Document2", "Document3", "Document4" ];
const fileTypes = => f.FileType);

const missingFileTypes = expectedFileTypes.filter(t => !fileTypes.includes(t));
if (missingFileTypes.length) {
    alert(`Please upload ${missingFileTypes.join(", ")}.`);

const unexpectedFileTypes = fileTypes.filter(t => !expectedFileTypes.includes(t));
if (unexpectedFileTypes.length) {
    alert(`Unsupported file types: ${unexpectedFileTypes.join(", ").`);
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Abhilash.J.A 4-Oct-22 6:13am    
alert showing 'Please upload ${missingFileTypes.join(", ")}.' like this. please check once.
Richard Deeming 4-Oct-22 6:15am    
That suggests you've used the wrong string type. You need to use back-ticks around the strings to indicate they are template literals[^].
Abhilash.J.A 4-Oct-22 6:23am    
okay sir got it. Thank you.

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