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its working fine that i have tried but after decimal it is not taking 0

What I have tried:

function ParseFloat(str, val) {
  str = str.toString();
  if (Number.isInteger(Number(str))) {
    return Number(str);
  } else {
    str = str.slice(0, str.indexOf(".") + val + 1);
  return Number(str);
Updated 12-Oct-22 19:08pm
Member 8428760 10-Oct-22 16:32pm    
try parseFloat(str).toFixed(4)

1 solution

You can achieve this through different ways. Few are:
1. using .toFixed()
let num = 5.567891;
let n = num.toFixed(4); //5.5679

// if value is text type

Refer: JavaScript toFixed() Method[^]

2. using Math.round()
console.log(Math.round(5.95123*10000)/10000); //5.9512

Refer: Math.round() - JavaScript | MDN[^]

Above two should be good enough to achieve most cases. Not suggesting using Number.EPSILON for now. Though if you need precision rounding off, you can refer to: Number.EPSILON - JavaScript | MDN[^]
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