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Hi all,
I Searched how to delete a whole key from the Registry using c++
anyone here can help me because i didnt find any clear example about this subject.

the key path is like here :
Computer\HKEY_USERS\folder \folder\ folder\{Key name}.

So i want to delete this key by its path.

What I have tried:

i searched in other sites like stackover.. . and in microsoft site i didnt understand how their library works because i didnt see any clear example that explain how this could happen.
Updated 27-Oct-22 20:45pm

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In the code below you can see how to delete a subkey or the entiry key
long lReturn = RegOpenKeyEx( HKEY_USERS.
                             _T("folder \folder\ folder\{Key name}"),
                             &hKey );
if (lReturn == ERROR_SUCCESS)
    lReturn = RegDeleteValue(hKey, _T("value1"));
    lReturn = RegDeleteValue(hKey, _T("value2"));
    lReturn = RegCloseKey(hKey);

Now to delete the entire key:

lReturn = RegDeleteKey(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, _T("folder \folder\ folder\{Key name}"));
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