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It keeps showing this("Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:/Users/Kenneth Sodjahin/OneDrive - EECD EDPE/Pictures/Python/molecular weight of an", line 27, in <module>
File "C:/Users/Kenneth Sodjahin/OneDrive - EECD EDPE/Pictures/Python/molecular weight of an", line 2, in Molecular_Weight1
TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float'")

What I have tried:

def Molecular_Weight1(enter1,enter2,enter3,enter4,enter5):
    return carbon

def Molecular_Weight2(enter1,enter2,enter3,enter4,enter5):
    return hydrogen

def Molecular_Weight3(enter1,enter2,enter3,enter4,enter5):
    return nitrogen

def Molecular_Weight4(enter1,enter2,enter3,enter4,enter5):
    return oxygen

def Molecular_Weight5(enter1,enter2,enter3,enter4,enter5):
    return sulfur

enter1=input("Enter the number of Carbon:")
enter2=input("Enter the number of Hydrogen:")
enter3=input("Enter the number of Nitrogen:")
enter4=input("Enter the number of Oxygen:")
enter5=input("Enter the number of Sulfur:")

print("The molecular weight of that Amino Acid is:",Sum_of_Molecular_Weights)

Updated 20-Oct-22 17:24pm

1 solution

So little code and so much wrong.

Why on earth are you passing all 5 entered values to every Molecular_Weight# function when each one only ever uses a single value?

Also, your Molecular_Weights functions should be named for what they are calculating, each only taking a single argument, not 5 of them. This is a problem when you're passing 5 values to each function when you should be passing only 1.

All of your "enter#" variables should be renamed to what value they are holding, not "enter". They will also be holding strings, not calculable values. There is a huge difference between 123 and "123", and you're passing in the latter.

You're assigning the calculated total to a variable called "Sum_of_Weights", but never use that variable name again in your code.
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