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I want to check given mobile number using whatsapp or not. I'm Using VB.NET
Please help Me.

What I have tried:

I don't have any idea how to check the whatsapp number.
Updated 3-May-23 11:17am

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Thisara88 21-Oct-22 10:12am    
There haven't any code for
CHill60 21-Oct-22 10:33am    
There is plenty of information available through that link for you to write your own code to do this - this is not a code writing service
Here is a VB.NET code snippet to determine the availability of Whatsapp by phone number.
The checker_data.json file specifies the token to work with, and the number to check.

<pre>Imports System.Net.Http
Imports Newtonsoft.Json.Linq 'You need to install the Newtonsoft.Json package via NuGet

Module Program
    Sub Main()
        Dim dataFile = JObject.Parse(IO.File.ReadAllText("checker_data.json"))
        Dim phone As String = dataFile("phone").ToString()
        Dim token As String = dataFile("token").ToString()

        If String.IsNullOrEmpty(phone) Then
            Console.WriteLine("Phone is empty")
        End If

        If String.IsNullOrEmpty(token) Then
            Console.WriteLine("Token is empty")
        End If

        Dim client As New HttpClient()

        client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("accept", "application/json")
        client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("content-type", "application/json")
        client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("authorization", $"Bearer {token}")

        Dim payload As New JObject(
            New JProperty("blocking", "no_wait"),
            New JProperty("force_check", False),
            New JProperty("contacts", New JArray(phone))

        Dim response As HttpResponseMessage = client.PostAsync("", New StringContent(payload.ToString(), Text.Encoding.UTF8, "application/json")).Result

        If response.IsSuccessStatusCode Then
            Dim jsonResponse = JObject.Parse(response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result)
            Dim contacts = jsonResponse("contacts")

            If contacts IsNot Nothing AndAlso contacts.Count > 0 Then
                Dim status = contacts(0)("status").ToString()
                If status = "valid" Then
                    Console.WriteLine("Phone exists")
                    Console.WriteLine("Phone doesn't exist")
                End If
                Console.WriteLine("Check your checker_data file")
            End If
            Console.WriteLine($"Failed to check. Status Code: {response.StatusCode}")
        End If
    End Sub
End Module

Other methods for automation can be found in whatsapp API documentation: WhatsApp API Documentation | Gateway for developers[^]
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