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I am new to unit testing, please help me with writing correct unit tests for below method.

Functionality: It just calls one method internally & get the object, based on object value returns true/ false.

public bool IsItemLevelDiscountEnabledInStore()
           var discountConfig = GetDiscountConfigDetails();
           if (discountConfig.ItemDiscount.enabled)
               return true;

           return false;

What I have tried:

        public void ItemLevelDiscountEnabledInStoreDb(bool value)
            var discountConfig = new DiscountConfig
                ItemDiscount = new ItemDiscount
                    enabled = value
            _discountServiceMock.Setup(x => x.GetDiscountConfigDetails()).Returns(discountConfig);


Updated 27-Oct-22 11:32am
PIEBALDconsult 27-Oct-22 8:59am    
If it made sense to do so, you would already know how.
Virendra S from Bangalore, Karnataka 27-Oct-22 9:21am    
Okay, you can ignore my test, could you please suggest one?

1 solution

Google search is your friend.
1. NUnit: nunit bool check - Google Search[^] finds this: Assert.True | NUnit Docs[^]

2. XUnit: xunit bool check - Google Search[^] finds this: Xunit.Assert.Equal(bool, bool) Example[^]

For XUnit, I like using: >Fluent Assertions - Fluent Assertions[^] and here is testing bools: Booleans - Fluent Assertions[^]
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Virendra S from Bangalore, Karnataka 29-Oct-22 16:29pm    
Thanks Graeme_Grant
Graeme_Grant 29-Oct-22 22:56pm    
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