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Below are code snippets. I've got two questions for the two calls inside function
<pre>    newAJAXCommand('scan.cgi?scan=1');

<pre>    setTimeout("newAJAXCommand('status.xml', updateStatus, false)", 50);

For the first call, the parameter (
but the content of scan.cgi is "
Success! ~scan~
". In my understanding, scan.cgi is a CGI script, how come "Success! ~scan~" doesn't look like a script program? What language is it?
For the second call,
"newAJAXCommand('status.xml', updateStatus, false)"

, status.xml should be a CGI script too, but can a XML file be a script program?

// Initiates a new AJAX command
//  url: the url to access
//  container: the document ID to fill, or a function to call with response XML (optional)
//  repeat: true to repeat this call indefinitely (optional)
//  data: an URL encoded string to be submitted as POST data (optional)
function newAJAXCommand(url, container, repeat, data)
    // Set up our object
    var newAjax = new Object();
    var theTimer = new Date();
    newAjax.url = url;
    newAjax.container = container;
    newAjax.repeat = repeat;
    newAjax.ajaxReq = null;

    // Create and send the request
    if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
        newAjax.ajaxReq = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET":"POST", newAjax.url, true);
    // If we're using IE6 style (maybe 5.5 compatible too)
    } else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
        newAjax.ajaxReq = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
        if (newAjax.ajaxReq) {
  "GET":"POST", newAjax.url, true);

    newAjax.lastCalled = theTimer.getTime();

    // Store in our array

<pre>function rescanNetwork()
    scanDots = 0;
    document.getElementById("rescan").disabled = true;

    // Generate a request to hardware to issue a rescan

    // Delete old table, replace with new table after scan is finished

    currBss = 0; // Reset the current bss pointer

    setTimeout("newAJAXCommand('status.xml', updateStatus, false)", 50);

What I have tried:

I studied relative knowledge inside this post, but still unable to figure out my question.
Graeme_Grant 31-Oct-22 2:28am    
newAJAXCommand is client-side code (from the web browser) making a request with a remote server. Do you have access to the server's code?
Stan Huang 22-Nov-22 4:55am    
Yes, I have access to the server, which is an embedded system.
Member 15627495 31-Oct-22 3:33am    

as a reminder :
scan.cgi is a file ( the target of the ajax call you did ), you know ["name.extension"].
cgi are ancestors of lot of php resources, a solution to call Apache server.

if you have an answer by the call "scan=1", it's because the cgi module is 'alive' in your server setup.
perl was a server sided scripting language before php growth.
Stan Huang 22-Nov-22 4:58am    
So, I still don't understand what 'scan.cgi?scan=1' means at statement "newAJAXCommand('scan.cgi?scan=1');". Could you explain them?

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