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Hello community,

i have a problem with reading from a device.
how can I read from a serialport continous after opening the port by clicking a button called "receive"? .ReadExisting works fine for me but I need it continously.
Do you have any ideas?

What I have tried:

private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
textBox2.Text = serialPort1.ReadExisting();
Updated 31-Oct-22 2:33am
11917640 Member 31-Oct-22 5:59am    
Subscribe to SerialPort DataReceived event.

1 solution

1) Add a handler to the SerialPort.DataReceived Event (System.IO.Ports) | Microsoft Learn[^] and read it in there.
But ... remember two things:
a) The event fires each time there is data in the port - that doesn't mean "a line of data" - it will fire each time a character arrives. So you can't just assign the data to a sting each time you read it as you will discard all previous characters, probably before your user gets a chance to see them.
b) The event does not fire on the UI thread - so you cannot directly access any controls like TextBoxes: you would need to Invoke them.
2) Set up a BackgroundWorker thread to read the data, and pass it up to the UI thread via teh progress reporting mechanism for it to display.
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