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I have the next code

for elem in root:
    for nodo in root.iterfind(".//*[@type_id='1']"):

What I have tried:

With that code the show me this ( it is only a part of the result):

{'id': '1372839298', 'event_id': '3', 'type_id': '1', 'period_id': '1', 'min': '0', 'sec': '1', 'player_id': '37572', 'team_id': '43', 'outcome': '1', 'x': '50.1', 'y': '50.0', 'timestamp': '2011-08-21T16:00:40.179', 'last_modified': '2011-08-21T16:00:41'}
{'id': '978322590', 'event_id': '4', 'type_id': '1', 'period_id': '1', 'min': '0', 'sec': '2', 'player_id': '20664', 'team_id': '43', 'outcome': '1', 'x': '48.2', 'y': '49.1', 'timestamp': '2011-08-21T16:00:41.585', 'last_modified': '2011-08-21T16:00:44'}
{'id': '1962550717', 'event_id': '7', 'type_id': '1', 'period_id': '1', 'min': '0', 'sec': '19', 'player_id': '42593', 'team_id': '43', 'outcome': '0', 'x': '27.8', 'y': '100.0', 'timestamp': '2011-08-21T16:00:58.445', 'last_modified': '2011-08-21T16:01:01'}
{'id': '1886599927', 'event_id': '5', 'type_id': '1', 'period_id': '1', 'min': '0', 'sec': '23', 'player_id': '27696', 'team_id': '30', 'outcome': '1', 'x': '50.9', 'y': '20.0', 'timestamp': '2011-08-21T16:01:02.466', 'last_modified': '2011-08-21T16:01:17'}

and it is okey, previously I created empty list and now I want to extract the values of period_id, min, sec, player_id and team_id and make a table. I know how to filter ( previous code ) but I don t know how to extract this specific variables into a list

my try:

for i, v in enumerate(mydic):
    for j in v:
        if j == 'team_id':
        elif j == 'sec':

Updated 31-Oct-22 6:28am

1 solution

You have all the information in the printed results. The nodo.attrib is a standard Python dictionary of all the attributes of the node. See Built-in Types — Python 3.11.0 documentation[^] for the methods of dictionaries.

Starting with a list of all your dictionary items, something like:
stuff = [{'id': '1372839298', 'event_id': '3', 'type_id': '1', 'period_id': '1', 'min': '0', 'sec': '1', 'player_id': '37572', 'team_id': '43', 'outcome': '1', 'x': '50.1', 'y': '50.0', 'timestamp': '2011-08-21T16:00:40.179', 'last_modified': '2011-08-21T16:00:41'},
         {'id': '978322590', 'event_id': '4', 'type_id': '1', 'period_id': '1', 'min': '0', 'sec': '2', 'player_id': '20664', 'team_id': '43', 'outcome': '1', 'x': '48.2', 'y': '49.1', 'timestamp': '2011-08-21T16:00:41.585', 'last_modified': '2011-08-21T16:00:44'},
         {'id': '1962550717', 'event_id': '7', 'type_id': '1', 'period_id': '1', 'min': '0', 'sec': '19', 'player_id': '42593', 'team_id': '43', 'outcom': '1', 'x': '48.2', 'y': '49.1', 'timestamp': '2011-08-21T16:00:41.585', 'last_modified': '2011-08-21T16:00:44'} ]
newlist = []
keys = [ 'period_id', 'min', 'sec', 'player_id', 'team_id' ]
for d in range(len(keys)):
for dicts in stuff:
    for k in range(len(keys)):

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David Vazquez Bande 31-Oct-22 11:06am    
yeah, I know that I have the results but I need to add this results to a empty list
Richard MacCutchan 31-Oct-22 11:09am    
What exactly is the problem in copying those specific items to the new list?
David Vazquez Bande 31-Oct-22 11:10am    
it a list more longer than this, it is only a extract for seeing a example of the output
Richard MacCutchan 31-Oct-22 11:26am    
Fine, but I still have no idea what your problem is. Please use the Improve question link above, and add complete details of what is not working.
David Vazquez Bande 31-Oct-22 11:27am    
I need to extract the values of min, sec ... and put it in different list. Like create a csv

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