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I am trying to encrypt a file using a public key (e.g. abc_public.asc) generated through PGPTool, which was shared with the client. The client shared a private key (xyz.asc) in return, in which the PGPTool shows as 'Public' (xyz.asc) and 'Key Pair' (abc_public.asc).

I am able to encrypt the file successfully, however when trying to decrypt it throws "Org.BouncyCastle.Bcpg.OpenPgp.PgpException: 'Org.BouncyCastle.Bcpg.OpenPgp.PgpPublicKeyRing found where PgpSecretKeyRing expected'"

The encrypted file when trying to decrypt with the PGPTool, it works but not through the code. Please help where am I going wrong.

What I have tried:

PGPEncryptDecrypt.EncryptFile(@"C:\test\test.txt", @"C:\test\test.txt.pgp",
         @"C:\test\abc_public.asc", false, true);

   PGPEncryptDecrypt.Decrypt(@"C:\test\test.txt.pgp", @"C:\test\xyz.asc", "hello@2022",
Updated 1-Nov-22 22:32pm
Member 15627495 2-Nov-22 3:22am    
the decrypt error tell you "wrong pgpsecretkeyring"
runtime_terror 2-Nov-22 7:32am    
Yes. What Am I supposed to do to overcome this error?

1 solution

Maybe you can find an example here: Search CodeProject PGP[^]

This might be the solution to your problem: PGP Decryption - Unnecessary exception stops execution · Issue #143 · bcgit/bc-csharp · GitHub[^]
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runtime_terror 2-Nov-22 7:31am    
Hi @RickZeeland, I have almost tried all the links and all of them throw the same error.
Am I doing something wrong with the keys or do I need to expect a secret key from the key I am using to decrypt? Am bit confused!!!
RickZeeland 2-Nov-22 7:34am    
It' confusing stuff and I'm not familiar with it either, maybe you can search further on GitHub for more information.
runtime_terror 3-Nov-22 5:36am    
It works with Didisoft, but not with BouncyCastle!!!
RickZeeland 3-Nov-22 5:57am    
Did you use the GitHub solution?

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