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Hey all!

I'm trying to create a windows service that monitors a port (localhost:8080) continuously, and if it fails it'll restart the server using an npm script (npm run dev).

Any idea on how to do it?


What I have tried:

Right now, I set up it so that a socket is listening to the port and every 10 or so seconds, it will call and get a response. If connection failed it will increment failCount variable.
I want it so that once it gets to an amount of times it failed to respond in a row (failCount >10) , then it will execute npm run dev to restart the service that hosts the website

 public void SetupServer()
    Process p = new Process();
    p.StartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo();
    p.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;
    p.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = "C:/project/client/";
    p.StartInfo.FileName = Path.Combine(Environment.SystemDirectory, "cmd.exe");
    p.StartInfo.Arguments = string.Format("/C \"{0}\"", "runclient.bat");
    p.StartInfo.ErrorDialog = false;
    p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
    p.StartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden;
Updated 7-Nov-22 3:02am
Jean Ferre 4-Nov-22 14:11pm    
And what is the issue you are facing?
Member 15818964 4-Nov-22 14:19pm    
I can't seem to run the batch file that invokes the cmd line npm run dev. I tried System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(@"C:/project/client/runclient.bat"); and other solutions (I added above)

But nothing shows up (I know that windows service wouldn't allow access to desktop) but even when I try to get to localhost:8080 it would fail, so I assume that the server wasn't started
Jean Ferre 5-Nov-22 8:06am    
Have you tried to add call command in your bat file (call npm run dev) ?
Member 15818964 7-Nov-22 7:57am    
Yup, it's a bat file with npm run dev as the only line of code
Jean Ferre 9-Nov-22 12:14pm    
Did you try to add 'call' command in front of 'npm run dev' like this 'call npm run dev' and not just 'npm run dev'

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