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Hello Helpers !

I'm facing a 'warning' when I compile, but I don't understand the messages in the debug box, see below :
com\oleaut32\stdtypes\pictobj.cpp(3103)\ole32.dll!00007FFB26BE4EB6: (caller: 00007FFB26BE59D2) LogHr(1) tid(29f8) 8007029C Un échec d’assertion s’est produit.
com\oleaut32\stdtypes\pictobj.cpp(3103)\ole32.dll!00007FFB26BE4EB6: (caller: 00007FFB26BE59D2) LogHr(2) tid(29f8) 8007029C Un échec d’assertion s’est produit.

It's about an 'assertion fail' but I'm stuck at understanding it for now.
like all parameters in the 2 lines of debug are unknow for me.

if someone have the knowledge to explain me those 2 lines, it will be perfect.

Thank you for the coming help !

What I have tried:

I check and read again my code.
I made few tracing vars, and try, try , try solutions to avoid the message.
I look on search engine a kind of help, but this faulty message seems to be rare through the search engines.
Updated 15-Nov-22 21:37pm
Richard MacCutchan 16-Nov-22 3:44am    
Start by checking which OLE calls you are making from your code. You should then be able to use the stack trace in the debugger to find which was the call that led to the assertion.
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Nov-22 8:19am    
That's not a compiler error. That is a message that will only show up while your code is running.

You're making a call, either directly or indirectly through a component, to OLE32 and that call was not setup correctly. You're going to have to go through your code up to the point of the failure to figure out why.

Nobody can tell you what you, or the component you may be using, did wrong just from that error message, and that's all you gave anyone to work with.

1 solution

Assertions are elements you added to your code to stop execution when an error is detected: Assert method (Visual Basic for Applications) | Microsoft Learn[^]
If you are running under the debugger - and you should be, for testing - then the debugger automatically breaks at the Assert call so you can look at your code and work out why.

We can't fix that: it's something you added to your code and we have no access to that!
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