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Hello everybody,
I have a little app (in c# with xamary), in debug mode RUNS PERFECT, as soon as i create a REALEASE MODE the APP FAILED and when you select one options from the device: the app stop and exit, but only in RELEASE MODE.
This is the code:
using (HttpWebResponse wResp = (HttpWebResponse)wReq.GetResponse())
                using (Stream s = wResp.GetResponseStream())
                    using (TextReader tr = new StreamReader(s))
                        json = tr.ReadToEnd();                        
                        TrackingList.ItemsSource = trackingR;
                        dynamic result = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(json);
                        foreach (dynamic paq in result)
                            string valor = sTracking;
                            string busqueda = paq.tracking_number;
                            if (busqueda.Substring(0,4) == valor)
                                existe = "SI";
                                string contenido = "Contenido  " + ": " + paq.contenido ;
                                string peso = "Peso (Lbs) " + ": " + paq.peso ;
                                string estatus = "Estatus     " + ": " + paq.desc_estatus_proceso ;
                                trackingR.Add(new TrackingResult { OutputResult = contenido});
                                trackingR.Add(new TrackingResult { OutputResult = peso });
                                trackingR.Add(new TrackingResult { OutputResult = estatus });              
                                //var jsonContenido = "{[{" + contenido + peso + estatus + "}]}";
                                //finalJson = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(jsonContenido);

Any help?

What I have tried:

I had checked Manuals, microsoft doc,internet helps
Updated 21-Nov-22 9:20am

wrap it in a try-catch, capture the exception and display it. Now you know what your issue is.
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Thanks to everyone,
Thanks to the try ...catch.
I found the error thanks to try.. catch: the problem
the properties were paq.contenido and it is paq.Contenido, the first letter were in lowercase.
But I still have the question: Why works on debug mode?
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