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How to insert array data one column sql in php

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How to insert array data one column sql in php
Updated 28-Nov-22 6:04am

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SQL has no concept of arrays, so it can't store one in a single column of a single row, which ise what I assume you want to do.
There is a way to do it - which is to store the data as a CSV string - but frankly that's a poor bodge that normally gives you huge headaches down the line.

The better way is to have a table for the array data - one column per array element - and store the ID of that row into the original table as a Foreign Key.
That way, you can access it when you need it and you don't "clutter" your main table.

But it really depends what you intend to do with the data within SQL itself: if all you are ever going to be doing is storing and retrieving it to your presentation app unchanged, then CSV would not be a real problem. If you are going to search it and select rows for the main table then it all starts to get iffy regardless of what you are doing and you may want to rethink any appraoch.
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