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I am currently doing research on SMS spam detection if any material related to the SMS spam data set is available kindly share and guide me as I am doing this for the first time so I am facing much more difficulty finding relevant data related to SMS spam detection.
And which Algorithm works most effectively on SMS spam detection?

What I have tried:

I did not try any method I am actually finding the relevant dataset and searching for the best method to detect spam SMS.
Updated 9-Dec-22 20:44pm

And you probably won't, or at least not easily - nobody makes how they detect spam that public because they don't want spammers to be able to work out how to get around the filters.

I'd suggest that you probably want to start by training a AI system: feeding it obvious spam and not spam, and getting it to detect the difference. Then improve that with less obvious material.

Be aware that it will depend to a high degree on what your site(s) are there for: a software dev site will be harder to work with than a cat pictures site!

Good luck.
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Maryam Zaman 2-Dec-22 0:54am    
Thank you for your suggestions....

If you are looking to do a statistical analysis have a look at using Bayesian theorem[^].

If you are doing text classification via NLP then have a look at some of these language models[^].

Note that Bayes doesn't work very well with short messages such as SMS. Natural language processing will have higher accuracy at a higher computational cost.
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