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HI Friends
I have code that returns the text in the image by Tesseract OCR.

But the accuracy of the resulting text is not acceptable at all!
I will attach the my photo. return text is :'EPVWUAG2LOSCBPZAANIZZ10 1'
Please guide me how to get the text more accurately

MY IMAGE t5 —[^]

What I have tried:

Dim api = OcrApi.Create()
 Using api
 api.Init(Patagames.Ocr.Enums.Languages.English) ' Languages.English)
 Dim plainText As String = api.GetTextFromImage(PictureBox1.Image) '(bmp)
 Dim lines As String() = plainText.Split(New String() {vbLf}, StringSplitOptions.None)
 TextBox1.Text = lines(0)
 End Using
Updated 2-Dec-22 18:29pm
PIEBALDconsult 2-Dec-22 19:38pm    
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1 solution

More accurately? Well, the source image you posted is pretty bad, so I doubt you're going to get acceptable accuracy with ANY OCR package.

Your only options are to try various OCR packages to see if they can do a better job, or write your own OCR library and train it with a fairly large set of images and known return values.

Do I have examples of doing that? No.
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moshaveran 3-Dec-22 2:18am    
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