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I am building a react jsx portfolio website. The site is almost finished and I am trying to include a theme switcher. I have tried everything I can think of and can't get the switcher to function properly. Everything else works fine.

Whenever I use the select button, console log shows updated values for val and also indicates that the switchTheme function has indeed fired but the theme only updates once. I suspect that the setAttribute val is stored as static and not dynamic but I have tried everything I can. Could someone please advise? Please make replies retard friendly as I am new to react.

What I have tried:

import React, { useState } from 'react'<br />
// import useLocalStorage from 'use-local-storage'<br />
import Header from './components/header/Header'<br />
import Nav from './components/nav/Nav'<br />
import About from './components/about/About'<br />
import Experience from './components/experience/Experience'<br />
import Services from './components/services/Services'<br />
import Portfolio from './components/portfolio/Portfolio'<br />
import Testimonials from './components/tesimonials/Testimonials'<br />
import Contact from './components/contact/Contact'<br />
import Footer from './components/footer/Footer'<br />
<br />
const palette = ['tropical', 'alt', 'default']<br />
<br />
const App = () => {<br />
  <br />
  const [val, setVal] = useState(palette[0]) <br />
  console.log('Button =',val)<br />
<br />
  const switchTheme = (e)  => {<br />
<br />
      setVal(<br />
<br />
      document.documentElement.setAttribute('data-theme', val)<br />
      console.log('switchTheme has fired!',val)<br />
        }<br />
<br />
  return (<br />
    <div><br />
      <select id='style' value={val} className='btn btn-primary' onChange={(e) => setVal(} onClick={switchTheme}><br />
        <option>'{palette[0]}'</option><br />
        <option>'{palette[1]}'</option><br />
        <option>'{palette[2]}'</option><br />
      </select><br />
    <br />
      <><br />
      <body><br />
          <Header /><br />
          <Nav /><br />
          <About /><br />
          <Experience /><br />
          <Services /><br />
          <Portfolio /><br />
          <Testimonials /><br />
          <Contact /><br />
          <Footer /><br />
      </body><br />
      </><br />
    </div><br />
    <br />
  )<br />
}<br />
<br />
export default App

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