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I am trying to pass variables from javascript to php same page.
But I am not getting value.
I am using codeigniter.
I need value from item_id to $prod_id for query.

What I have tried:

var item_id =(item_obj=='') ? $('#div_'+id).attr('data-item-id') : item_obj.item_id;

info='<select class="form-control" id="warehouse_type_'+rowcount+'" name="warehouse_type_'+rowcount+'" ><?php 

		$prod_id = '<script>document.writeln(item_id)</script>';

		$userstore_id = $this->session->userdata('store_id');
		$query1="SELECT warehouse_id, SUM(quantity) as total_quantity, SUM(pending_quantity) as total_pending_quantity, SUM(quantity_pur_returned) as total_quantity_pur_returned, SUM(quantity_sold) as total_quantity_sold, SUM(quantity_sale_returned) as total_quantity_sale_returned FROM db_purchase_lines WHERE product_id = '$prod_id' and store_id = '$userstore_id' and supv_status = 'Approved' group by warehouse_id";
		echo '<option>select warehouse</option>';
		foreach($q1->result() as $res1){
			$warehouse_id = $res1->warehouse_id;
			$warehouse_name_n = $this->db->query("select warehouse_name from db_warehouse where id='$warehouse_id'")->row()->warehouse_name;
			$Avv_qnty = ($res1->total_quantity - $res1->total_pending_quantity - $res1->total_quantity_pur_returned - $res1->total_quantity_sold) + $res1->total_quantity_sale_returned;
			echo '<option value="'.$warehouse_name_n .'">'.$warehouse_name_n . ' - Qty(' . $Avv_qnty . ')' .'</option>';

str+='<td id="td_'+rowcount+'_304" class="text-right">'+ info +'</td>';
Updated 11-Dec-22 18:20pm
Member 15627495 8-Dec-22 12:08pm    
the only ways to achieve : submit , or asynchronous call
Ruaim Rabbie 8-Dec-22 12:53pm    
I am not clear. Please give me an example.

1 solution

Generally you do it either via Page submit (GET/POST) or via a XMLHttpRequest (async call).
There are more ways like Callback, Cookies, Session, etc too based on what makes more sense for you.

An example via page GET/POST & via Cookies: How to pass JavaScript variables to PHP ? - GeeksforGeeks[^]

An example on XMLHttpRequest: AJAX PHP[^]

An example with more ways:[^]

Try out and see which works for you more.
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