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I work on project c# with SQL server and I changed the database in SQLite I faced a problem with between date filter in the crystal report
I try this code it shows the last item date only and sometimes not showing anything any help

What I have tried:

SQLiteConnection con = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=HospitalDB.db;datetimeformat=currentCulture;version=3;");

DateTime from = DateTime.Parse(dateTimePicker1.Value.ToString());
DateTime to = DateTime.Parse(dateTimePicker2.Value.ToString());
SQLiteCommand cmd = new SQLiteCommand("select* from BillTbl where PDate>= '" + from + "' and PDate<= '" + to + "'", con);
SQLiteDataAdapter sd = new SQLiteDataAdapter(cmd);
DataSet s = new DataSet();
CrystalReport1 sr = new CrystalReport1();
crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = sr;
Updated 10-Dec-22 4:12am

1 solution

Pass the dates as a parameterised query: that way the value received by the DB engine will already be a DATE based value and the comparison should work fine: Parameters - Microsoft.Data.Sqlite | Microsoft Learn[^]

That assumes of course that the column you are checking against is DATE based: if it's a string based column then you will need to change your DB design or it will never work well.
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