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I have a WPF project that uses SQLite. My current version builds and runs fine.

I have just restored the last-deployed version from Git. The code builds but the following post-build commands on the main exe project fail:

xcopy "$(SolutionDir)MyProj.Data\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\x86\SQLite.Interop.dll" "$(SolutionDir)MyProj\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\x86\*.*" /C /F /S /E /Y

xcopy "$(SolutionDir)MyProj.Data\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\x64\SQLite.Interop.dll" "$(SolutionDir)MyProj\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\x64\*.*" /C /F /S /E /Y

The reason these commands fail is because the source folders in the MyProj.Data DLL project do not exist.

On the current project, if I delete these same folders, they magically re-appear, yet these missing folders are not built in the older version of the solution. I can't figure out why. I must be missing something obvious.

Any help would save what hair I have remaining.

What I have tried:

I have tried searching all files (*.*) in the whole solution folder tree for the word 'Interop'. In both projects, I get exactly the same results. A comparison of the search results is binary identical.

I have also checked things like nuget package references and project build settings but can find no differences there either.

If I manually copy the Debug/x86 and Debug/x64 folders from the newer working project to the older broken one, the older project then builds and runs without error.
Updated 15-Dec-22 4:50am

1 solution

Set your project build platform to "Any CPU", then install the nuget package "System.Data.SQlite".
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