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I am new in C++. I am using C++ 98.Here is my code. It is getting the text from a `lineEdit` of a Qt4 form.

strcpy(Name,ui->lineEdit->setText(QString::fromStdString(Name)) );

std::ofstream myfile;,std::fstream::in | std::fstream::out );

Here is 2 column space separated text file `sample.conf`:

AA. Name
BB Class
CC Grade

It is updating the file correctly

My question is there any way to write above text file in without using delimiter like in the above case is \t .

By using other datatype in like FILE or ofstream or some other that don't use delimiter(\t) for writing file ?

That can directly write to file column

What I have tried:

My purpose is not restrict file to it's delimiter
Updated 21-Dec-22 23:40pm
Richard MacCutchan 22-Dec-22 6:12am    
No. Text files are free form and have no concept of columns. You will have to reformat the text when you read the file to display it.

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Do you mean 'align the columns without using tabs'?
If that is the case, then you have to read the file twice: the first time for finding the maximum column lengths. The second time to produce the output, using the appropriate number of blanks.
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