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I just realised there might be someone here with an answer to my problem.

I am working on making a simple test application on an i.MX8QM chip using one of the A53 cores to test our new hardware when it arrives in January. Our hardware is a derivative of the I.MX8QM MEK board design.

All it needs to do is simply echo on the UART Tx line whatever is received on the UART's Rx line.

I have got it up and running nicely on the MEK board. I use the WindRiver workbench which uses the LLVM toolkit ( version ) to compile and link it.

The application is based on a more complex one one of my colleagues wrote to test other more complicated things such PCIE etc...
I stripped that one from all superfluous code and added some to handle the UART interfacing.

The only problem I have is that however much I strip/reduce the code the final binary file always remains at exactly 327680 bytes ( i.e.: 5 x 64KBytes ).

I guess there are some instructions somewhere to always keep it at that minimum size and, if necessary provide extra padding, but have been unable to locate where those instructions/setup file(s) is(are) located.

The reason I would like to reduce the binary to 256 Kbytes is that I would also like to run the application from the I.MX8QM chip's 256 KByte OCRAM in case we have a problem in getting the SDRAM up and running.

I know it should work in 256Kbyte as I have reduced the stack and heap to half of what it was originally and it still works happily.

Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated.

What I have tried:

Googled it ad nauseam but could not find any useful answers.
Updated 14-Feb-23 20:10pm

I'd almost forgotten I posted this question.

The solution was to remove a bit of unnecessary assembly source code in which a rather large data section was defined/allocated. That caused the reservation of a 256Kbyte memory section aligned on a 64Kbyte boundary, the rest was a few Kbyte of code + padding within the first 64KByte block to match the boundary. Hence the fixed 5x64Kbyte size.
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I don't know your particular toolchain and HW. What I consult with other Cortex-M toolchains is the MAP file (the textual report of what the linker did do). That tells you exactly what parts are in the image and what space they occupy.
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