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Hello everybody !

I would like to learn to code in C# and I need your help to get started.

I would like to create an application that:
- Open a file for parsing (like a hex editor)
- Extracts the code contained in a start/end char
- Convert extracted code to ASCII with a custom concordance table. For example 0A = F or g...

Do you have any suggestions for me to start this? I would like not to go in a wrong direction.

I'm a beginner so please be indulgent, I'm self-taught...

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

What I have tried:

Nothing for the moment ! I'm looking for some tips to get started!
Updated 18-Jan-23 12:12pm

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If you are not looking at buying a book or doing an online course, then Google Search and Youtube are good places to learn. I am watching a Microsoft DotNet video[^] right now on ML.NET[^] to see what is new.

Here are a couple of searches to get you started:
1. c# how to read a file - Google Search[^]
2. c# how to read a file - YouTube Search[^]
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Joan FUHRMANN 21-Jan-23 6:06am    
Good morning,

Thank you for your answer Graeme!

The different stages of the program would be in human language:
- Click on a "open a file" button
- Select the file by a Windows dialog box
- Opening the file in HEX format. > non-visible for the user
- Analysis of the file to find the start and end delimiter (for example 0C 68) > non-visible by the user
- Extract the content code between the start and end delimiter
- Translate the content code between delimiters into ASCII format via a correspondence table (for example 60=A) > non-visible by the user
- Display in the program interface the extracted code translated in ASCII format

I will try to clarify my question: there are so many different languages and I do not know which one allows to do this in a simple way for a beginner wishing to learn. So I’m calling on you to direct me to plain language that would meet the needs of the program.
The goal being not to start on a specific language and to realize after 2 months that it is not possible to create a comparison table for example and so all have to start again...

Thank you again for your help:)

PS: sorry, for my English, I am French and as you know, all French people suck in English:D. Be lenient!
Joan FUHRMANN 26-Jan-23 16:44pm    
I finally succeeded my program in c#. maybe not the easiest language to start with but it works! thank you Graeme_Grant !!

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