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Hi All,

I am working on a demo project using .Net Web API with C#, Angular, Entity Framework. Saving the code into Github and finally deploying the API and Angular. The purpose is to learn the end-to-end implementation of the technologies.

I am trying to access the data through http and displaying the same in Angular application. I have also implemented the CORS policy.

While building through dotnet CLI, I am using "dotnet run" and its compiling successfully and its showing the API url(s) as "http://localhost: 5090" and "https://localhost:7011".

Currently, I am facing 3 problems and need help:

1) when I am trying to test the same over Postman or through browser url, providing the necessary Controller/Action, its throwing "404 ok" error.

2) I want to access the "https" url, but wondering from where I woud get SSL Certificate while deploying the application on Internet.

3) I could be able to save the C# code (API, Models) into github, but would like to know how to save Angular files too into same repository of github.

What I have tried:

Here, I have provided hard-coded url for testing purpose and later planning to move the hard-coded http URL into environment variable.
public getAllSocialMediaLinks(): any {
            next: response => this.socialMediaLinksList = response,
            error: error => console.log(error),
            complete: () => console.log("Request Completed")

Here, "http://localhost:4200/" is the Angular application.
// Configure the HTTP request pipeline.
app.UseCors(builder => builder.AllowAnyHeader().AllowAnyMethod().WithOrigins("http://localhost:4200/"));

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;
using API.Data;

namespace API.Controllers
    public class SocialMediaLinksController
        private DataContext _context;
        public SocialMediaLinksController(DataContext context)
            _context = context;

        public async Task<ActionResult<IEnumerable<SocialMediaLinks>>> GetAllMediaLinks()
            return await _context.SocialMediaLinks.ToListAsync();

Secondly, I have used git commands to save the project as repository, where I can see only API reated files got saved. But, how to save the Angular related files too, into the same repository, into Github.

Please help.
Updated 26-Jan-23 16:40pm

1 solution

Hi All,

I tried below steps and I could see its working on Postman and Browser as well:

1) Added [action] on Controller

2) Removed '/' from the calling url

I don't know why API requires [action] to be mentioned even if there is only one action or if the actions are named differently.

Anyways, it worked for me.

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