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<pre lang="PHP">echo 128.23 - (118.23 + 10);

print(128.23 - (118.23 + 10))

console.log(128.23 - (118.23 + 10))

I tried in PHP, JavaScript and Python

All those calcs does not return 0 or 0.00, but return -2.842170943040401e-14

Somebody can explain to me why this happen?

What I have tried:

Actually i do not even know for where begin to understand because this have no sense to me
Updated 6-Feb-23 2:59am
CHill60 6-Feb-23 7:35am    
This PDF from someone's degree course might help to explain[^]
[no name] 6-Feb-23 13:28pm    
You also have to appreciate what a "tiny" number e-14 is. With floating point, you generally ROUND to 0, or 1-4 decimals for presentation which gets rid of the problem. In other situations, accept negative numbers (as zero) if you find these small difference and which you can account for.

To add to what Richard has - rightly - said ...

Try it in C# using different numeric types: Double, Float, and Decimal:
Console.WriteLine(128.23 - (118.23 + 10));
Console.WriteLine(128.23f - (118.23f + 10f));
Console.WriteLine(128.23m - (118.23m + 10m));
The results probably aren't what you expected:
That's why .NET has a Decimal numeric type.
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OriginalGriff 6-Feb-23 9:01am    

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