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I have 2 excel Files
File1= 2 COlumns namely: Reference Number and Vehicle Applications

Reference Number Vehicle Applications
XYZ111 Polo, Golf, BMW
ABC222 Golf, BMW
File2= 2 Columns namely: Car Model and Total Sales

Car Model Total Sales
Polo 500
Golf 1000
BMW 100

I am trying to find which car models from File2 are present in vehicle applications of File1 and if present I want to calculate total sales.
For Eg: In first row of File1: Polo and Golf are present then next to it I need calculation of sales which would be Golf Sales+Polo Sales=1500

What I have tried:

I have tried importing the library re to find the values and sub strings.

Please note, I am new to Python
Updated 7-Feb-23 23:10pm
bhrigwish 8-Feb-23 5:33am    
I have imported the file using Pandas. I have done if else on sub strings and also tried using re library. But I am not getting anywhere

1 solution

You cannot read Excel files as simple strings. I would suggest you start by studying Python: The Python Tutorial — Python 3.10.9 documentation[^]. You can then look at the openpyxl - A Python library to read/write Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm files — openpyxl 3.1.0 documentation[^] package, to see how to do it.
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