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Hi, I have a CSV file containing tweets with emojis (eg. "Cool! 💕") and I need to import them into a MySQL table in such a way they will be saved/displayed correctly...
What do I have to set up and how for a correct import (I mean collation, etc.)?

More details:

- In the CSV file, the emoji are visible
- The encoding of the CSV file is UTF-8
- I am on Windows 11

What I have tried:

- To set the character set to utf8mb4 and collation to utf8mb4_unicode_ci in the table
- To add " SET NAMES 'utf8mb4';" (also tried with Latin1) before the LOAD query
Updated 11-Feb-23 0:42am
Graeme_Grant 11-Feb-23 6:40am    

1 solution

Here is a list of the EMOJI codes: Full Emoji List, v15.0[^]

Here is one solution: How to store Emoji Character in MySQL Database - StackOverflow[^]
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diadon2 11-Feb-23 6:44am    
I have no control over the emojis in the CSV file, they are the standard ones of twitter.
Graeme_Grant 11-Feb-23 6:55am    
Twitter do not generate CSV files, so the CSV file could have been stored incorrectly.
diadon2 12-Feb-23 5:31am    
I do not know, it has been generated by python and if I open it with Notepad++ they are correctly visible (UTF-8 encoding).
Graeme_Grant 12-Feb-23 5:59am    
If they are correct UTF8, then there should be no issue.

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