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I working on SQL server 2012 I face issue i can't display Print Server with vBranchDesc

by using only one select statement instead of two select statement .

i convert values separated comma to rows Id on first select statement .

then on second select statement I get branch name text by join id .

so How to make two select statement on one select

expected result

PrintServer	vBranchDesc
1	Non-Trade Store
1	Al Tay Warehouse
2	Jumeirah
3	Aweer
2	Barsha South
2	Al Barsha Hessa ST Branch

What I have tried:

SELECT PrintServer ,
 Split.A.value('.', 'VARCHAR(4000)') AS BranchId  
 into #t1
 FROM  (SELECT BranchCode, PrintServer, 
         CAST ('<M>' + REPLACE(BranchCode, ',', '</M><M>') + '</M>' AS XML) AS String  
     FROM  [dbo].[tbl_branchPDFexe]) AS A CROSS APPLY String.nodes ('/M') AS Split(A); 
	 select t.PrintServer,b.vBranchDesc from  #t1 t inner join [dbo].[tbl_Branch] b with(nolock) on t.BranchId=b.iBranchCode
CHill60 20-Feb-23 6:05am    
I'm pretty sure you've been told before that using comma separated data is a Bad Design decision. However, you've provided expected results but no sample data, which makes it very difficult for us to help you

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