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I have a native android and IOS app developed for me by a conmpany and I want to recieve the source code from them. I want some third party external developers to help me in recieving the sourse code, reviewing and testing it to make sure that it is perfect and complete and that nothing remain with the company that developed it. I want an online way to do that without loosing the control on my code or exposing it to be stealed.

I would like also to know what is the best online hosting service that can host, run, edit, modify and custmize my app and its source code.

What I have tried:

I have tired offline computers but it is not suitable for remote developers
Updated 21-Feb-23 1:39am

This site provides assistance in diagnosing and fixing problems with code that you are working with. But we cannot do a full review and analysis as described above. You probably need to employ a professional to do what you want.
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Reviewing and testing software is complex and time consuming: this site isn't set up to help you in that way, and everyone here is a volunteer - so you would be taking time that they could be spending earning money to keep a roof over their heads, or have to wait a considerable while if they did it in their spare time.

If you can't test the software yourself, hire a professional.
If you can't review software quality yourself, hire a professional.
You are - presumably - paying the company to develop it, so you should have budgeted for test and QA when you originally planned the job. If not, take this as a lesson in the real world and learn from it for next time.

We don't provide any "coder for hire" services (including Test or QA) so you might want to start by going to and ask there.

But be aware: you get what you pay for. Pay peanuts, get monkeys.
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Mustafa M. Yahdeeh 21-Feb-23 8:46am    
Thank you very much for your reply. It seems that I failed to explain my question enough.

I am ready to hire and pay. I am only asking about how to protect my source code from those I am going to hire.
OriginalGriff 21-Feb-23 9:27am    
How do you propose to protect your source code from people you want to review it? Reading the source is an essential part of the whole task! :laugh:
Mustafa M. Yahdeeh 21-Feb-23 9:39am    
I want them to read it, but not to download it.
OriginalGriff 21-Feb-23 9:57am    
And how do you expect them to do that?

About the only way would be to insist they only have access on your site, to a air-gapped machine, and that they surrender all electronic devices (and pens and paper, probably) before entering the shielded room in which the computer holding the source is chained down.
It can be done - sensitive military software and hardware is handled like that - but there is a tremendous cost involved.

Or ... NDA's, trust, and contracts instead.

Your choice!

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