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  "data": null,
  "errors": [
      "path": [
      "data": null,
      "errorType": "Lambda:Unhandled",
      "errorInfo": null,
      "locations": [
          "line": 2,
          "column": 3,
          "sourceName": null
      "message": "RequestId: c605883c-6de3-405d-b04a-e464306ad277 Error: Runtime exited with error: exit status 1"

What I have tried:

I deployed my code to aws appsync and there iam getting this error
Updated 22-Feb-23 21:41pm
Richard MacCutchan 23-Feb-23 3:34am    
Since we cannot see your code, we cannot guess what may be wrong. Please use the Improve question link above, and add complete details of what is not working.
Andre Oosthuizen 23-Feb-23 4:35am    
Check the Lambda function's CloudWatch logs for any errors or exceptions that occurred during execution. The logs can provide more details about the error and can help you to identify the root cause. Post the raised error by updating your question, will help a lot to try and resolve the error

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