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Return type should be a object.

drowPattern(5) should return


Answer should be valid for any given input.

What I have tried:

function drowPattern(x) {
  return false;

function drawPa`your text`ttern(X) {
  // Create an empty grid
  const grid = [];
  // Calculate the middle of the grid
  let middle = left = right = Math.floor(X / 2); // works because arrays are 0 based
  // Loop through each row of the grid
  for (let i = 0; i < X; i++) {
    // Create an empty row
    const row = [];
    // Loop through each column of the row
    let j = 0;
    for (; j < left; j++)   row.push("o"); // from 0 to left
    for (; j <= right; j++) row.push("x"); // from where we are now to right
    for (; j < X; j++)      row.push("o"); // from where we are now to end
    // Add the row to the grid
    grid.push(row.join('')); // join the items
    // count up or down
    left += i<middle ? -1 : 1; // how far down? if less than the middle move left
    right += i<middle ? 1 : -1; // how far down? if less than the middle move right
  // Return an object with the grid property
  return { grid: grid.join('\n') };

Updated 25-Feb-23 1:44am
OriginalGriff 25-Feb-23 7:45am    
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