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(You cannot use `line_items.amount`, `line_items.currency`, ``, `line_items.description`, or `line_items.images` in this API version. Please use `line_items.price` or `line_items.price_data`. Please see for more information.)

Could someone please help me with this??

What I have tried:

i tried updating stripe Api by replacing old version
Updated 26-Feb-23 19:48pm

You'll find what you need to do at[^]

Your question is very dependent on someone who knows the Stripe API to come by and stumble on your question. That is very unlikely as your question will quickly fall down the list.
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Surya Hs 27-Feb-23 0:30am    
Actually im not a developer , i dont know anything about Stripe Api thats the reason i. posted my question
Dave Kreskowiak 27-Feb-23 8:34am    
I'm sorry, am I understanding this correctly? It seems like you're messing around with real money on an API you don't understand. What you posted seems to now be code copied from the web somewhere and you're hoping it works? Is this correct?

I'm not trying to bash you. I'm trying to understand where you're coming from. I'm asking because if you get this wrong and you mishandle money, even accidentally, you can be personally liable for fines and damages that will have you working for the rest of your life to pay off.
Actually im not a developer , i dont know anything about Stripe Api thats the reason i. posted my question
To add to what Dave has said ...
If you don't know about something, the best place to start is with the people who created it: asking a woodworking site about Ikea furniture may get you help, but not as "targeted" and knowledgeable as talking to Ikea themselves for example.

Most API producers provide documentation, ans Stripe is no different - they also provide tech support and since Stripe is not free I'd start there. They want your money and they don't get that until you are up and running!

If you aren't a developer, then you need to start at the beginning and understand both the language you are using - PHP - and the basic structure of error messages before you start wading into APIs of any complexity!

And you should never, ever, accept code from a insecure website to handle anything to do with real money.
You do not know who is giving you the code, you do not know what it does, you do not know that it places the monies correctly into the appropriate account, without passing the details to any third parties.

Only get such code from reputable card transaction service companies - the scope for fraud otherwise is far too large. And remember, you personally could be liable for any monies lost if your action is seen to be negligent - which getting your code from a public forum would most certainly be!
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