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I use a code in c# but I have this error:

use of an unassigned variable..

private void Button_Click_1(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
          WPFSDKSample.ViewModels.MainViewModel t;

          t.PrintLabelAction(); // error in this raw


What I have tried:

I tried to serach on google, but I don't find explanations
Updated 28-Feb-23 8:53am

This is quite straightforward. You need to instantiate the variable before you can use it, declaring it isn't enough:
WPFSDKSample.ViewModels.MainViewModel t = new WPFSDKSample.ViewModels.MainViewModel();

C# Variables[^]
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In addition to what Chris said ...

You should expect to get syntax errors every day, probably many times a day while you are coding - we all do regardless of how much experience we have! Sometimes, we misspell a variable, or a keyword; sometimes we forget to close a string or a code block. Sometimes the cat walks over your keyboard and types something really weird. Sometimes we just forget how many parameters a method call needs.

We all make mistakes.

And because we all do it, we all have to fix syntax errors - and it's a lot quicker to learn how and fix them yourself than to wait for someone else to fix them for you! So invest a little time in learning how to read error messages, and how to interpret your code as written in the light of what the compiler is telling you is wrong - it really is trying to be helpful!

So read this: How to Write Code to Solve a Problem, A Beginner's Guide Part 2: Syntax Errors[^] - it should help you next time you get a compilation error!
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Maciej Los 28-Feb-23 15:12pm    
"Sometimes the cat walks over your keyboard and types something really weird". :D

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