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I have a nested json that I am working on converting to csv
here is section in it that is not in Square bracket, that I would like to iterate.. How do I do that to get the data
"answers": {
"1": {
"name": "name",
"order": "1",
"sublabels": "{\"prefix\":\"Prefix\",\"first\":\"First Name \\/ Nombre primero\",\"middle\":\"Middle Name\",\"last\":\"Last Name \\/ Nombre de familia\",\"suffix\":\"Suffix\"}",
"text": "Name / Nombre",
"type": "control_fullname",
"answer": {
"first": "ABC",
"last": "DEF"
"prettyFormat": "ABC DEF"
"2": {
"name": "serviceAddress",
"order": "2",
"sublabels": "{\"cc_firstName\":\"First Name\",\"cc_lastName\":\"Last Name\",\"cc_number\":\"Credit Card Number\",\"cc_ccv\":\"Security Code\",\"cc_exp_month\":\"Expiration Month\",\"cc_exp_year\":\"Expiration Year\",\"addr_line1\":\"Street Address \\/ Direcci\\u00f3n de Servicio\",\"addr_line2\":\"Street Address Line 2 \\/ Direcci\\u00f3n de Servicio l\\u00ednea dos\",\"city\":\"City \\/ Ciudad\",\"state\":\"State \\/ Estado\",\"postal\":\"Zip Code \\/ C\\u00f3digo Postal\",\"country\":\"Country\"}",
"text": "Service Address / Dirección de Servicio",
"type": "control_address",
"answer": {
"addr_line1": "150 A Street Lane",
"addr_line2": "150 A Street Lane",
"city": "Some City",
"state": "ST",
"postal": "49499"
"prettyFormat": "Street Address / Dirección de Servicio: 150 A Street Lane\u003cbr\u003eStreet Address Line 2 / Dirección de Servicio línea dos: 150 A Street Lane\u003cbr\u003eCity / Ciudad: Some City\u003cbr\u003eState / Estado: ST\u003cbr\u003eZip Code / Código Postal: 49499\u003cbr\u003e"
"3": {
"name": "email",
"order": "3",
"text": "Email / Correo electrónico",
"type": "control_email",
"answer": ""

What I have tried:

I know how to iterate through Square brackets.. these does not have one...
Please help
Updated 6-Mar-23 3:26am

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