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I created a PowerShell script that accesses iTunes on my PC, but I failed at receiving events from the iTunes object. The code which I found on the internet (in fact, Chat GPT recommended this code) is:
$eventHandler = {Write-Host "OnPlayerPlayEvent"}
$iTunes = New-Object -ComObject iTunes.Application
Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $global:iTunes `
    -EventName "OnPlayerPlayEvent" -Action $eventHandler `
    -SourceIdentifier "iTunesPlayerPlay"

The 'Register-ObjectEvent' line returns this error message: "Cannot register for the specified event. An event with the name 'OnPlayerPlayEvent' does not exist."

Note: The Documentation of OnPlayerPlayEvent can be found at

What I have tried:

Chat GPT suggested variants of the above code, Replacing 'Register-Object' by this:

or this:
$comObject = [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::GetIUnknownForObject($iTunes)
$iTunesEventSource = [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal]::GetObjectForIUnknown($comObject)
$event = Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $iTunesEventSource `
    -EventName "OnPlayerPlayEvent" -Action $eventHandler `
    -SourceIdentifier "iTunesPlayerPlay"

The former failed with "Method invocation failed because [System.__ComObject] does not contain a method named 'add_OnPlayerPlay'" and the latter with "An event with the name 'OnPlayerPlayEvent' does not exist".
I varied the event name, adding or removing the "On" prefix and/or "Event" postfix, with no effect.

I tried
$iTunes | Get-Member -MemberType Event

but that returned nothing (i.e. $null).

I am wondering whether events must be enabled in iTunes (didn't find an option), or maybe I must retrieve a different interface before I can subscribe to events? Or have I run into a limitation of PowerShell? Or have I misunderstood the concept of subscribing to COM events in PowerShell?

Thanks for your help
Updated 12-Mar-23 6:08am

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