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Normally I am able to publish and deploy applications from my computer onto a clients. However, when I try installing this specific app on the clients device, it fails. I see in the log it is trying to connect to something on my computer(laptop-anmtvvb0) under a deployment provider URL. I publishing straight onto a network location, not my local computer, how do I stop it from pointing to my computer?

	Deployment url			: file://tsl-files/IT%20Share/Projects/FACC%20Labels/Cutting%20Panels%20Label%20Maker.application
	Deployment Provider url		: http://laptop-anmtvvb0/Cutting%20Panels%20Label%20Maker/Cutting%20Panels%20Label%20Maker.application

	Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the log.
	* Activation of \\tsl-files\IT Share\Projects\FACC Labels\Cutting Panels Label Maker.application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:
		+ Downloading http://laptop-anmtvvb0/Cutting Panels Label Maker/Cutting Panels Label Maker.application did not succeed.
		+ The remote name could not be resolved: 'laptop-anmtvvb0'

What I have tried:

The only difference is I have started creating projects in VS2022 but I just created a new test project and had a successful install.
Updated 15-Mar-23 11:10am
Dave Kreskowiak 15-Mar-23 15:50pm    
How did you create this deployment? Did you right-click the project and click "Publish"? What options did you pick?
Cody O'Meara 15-Mar-23 16:04pm    
In VS, I went to "Build > Publish [app name]"
On the first screen in Publish Wizard, I "Browsed" to the network location that our other deployments are on. Normally at this point I would just click "Finish". But when I do go through, the "From a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM" option is selected and "The application will not check for updates" is also selected.
Dave Kreskowiak 15-Mar-23 16:09pm    
ClickOnce... Yuk!

You said you "completed on the clients device"? What does that mean? Did you also Publish from that machine?
Cody O'Meara 15-Mar-23 16:14pm    
I adjusted the question. The "completed" was referencing that the app is complete but failed to install on the clients machine. The published solution and client are on two different machines.
Graeme_Grant 15-Mar-23 16:19pm    
Have a read of this article, it covers issues with failed installs: Silent ClickOnce Installer for Winform & WPF in C# & VB[^]

1 solution

I went to Solution Properties > Publish > Updates and Under "Update location", I cleared out the location to be blank. Then after republishing, I was able to install on other devices.
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