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I need to script VB6.0 gui and use grbl on Arduino for CNC functions

I am trying to build a GUI on VB 6.0 that can run a 3 axis CNC router.

I realise VB6.0 is old but, its still the easiest and the least problematic functionable GUI creator.

I don't' want it to draw/compile G-Code. I will have G-Code generated/scripted elsewhere in just ascii text files (maximum of 200 lines), so I want to build a GUI form in VB6.0 where I can just paste and save the the G-Code ascii text or plain file and with a run button on GUI I want to be able to run the CNC router.

so, I realise that I need to create a parser on VB6.0 and a grbl dynamic library (which is widely available on open source, which I can load on Arduino and use) on Arduino based shield to interpret the g-codes from VB6.0 parser.

I need my VB6.0 gui to do the followings;

So, I will need it to functions both on Auto & Manual mode:

manual mode: to jog controls and homing functions to home all 3 axis. and the MPG wheel functions .

Auto mode: where I want to load the ascii text or plain text g-code scripts in to the GUI and it should then with a help of the VB6.0 parser, send files codes to Arduino grbl shield.

I am wanting this GUI to functions to looks like this;

Please see the image following this link;

CNC control GUI for Code project 2.jpg - Google Drive[^]

so, I need to know, how I can script a parser dll on VB6.0 / read text files dll / and display the current location of the axes in digital readouts display for all 3 axis etc.

so the arduino will communicate to the VB6.0 gui on computer via an Ethernet shield, using winsock or can suggest best option/

I would much appreciate if anyone can help me please.

Thank you in advance.

What I have tried:

I have some thoughts but nor tried anything to get a reasonable solution
Updated 18-Mar-23 6:35am
Mike Hankey 18-Mar-23 11:28am    
Why reinvent the wheel there are several free apps that do what I think you're attempting; Candle, UGS, etc..
Vis Kataboman 18-Mar-23 12:33pm    
I need it to be specific to my machine as UGS and Candle have other things I don't want in my GUI. can you suggest something to script a parser dll that will send text files to grbl shield. also, I need my Arduino communicating to PC via ethernet shield as, its located long way away from PC so cannot communicate via USB. so , I need my VB6.0 GUI to talk to grbl shield on ardunio via ethernet shield. so, there are 2 hardware shields on arduino (Ethernet shield and grbl shield)

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How many times have you posted this and you STILL haven't explained what EXACT problem you're having?

All you have to do to find out how to read a text file in VB6 is Google for "VB6 read a text file" and start reading.

And if you start asking BUT HOW DO I DO THIS, AND THAT, AND THE OTHER THINGS, I'm going to hang up on you. Start with ONE PROBLEM and solve that ONE PROBLEM, then you move on to the next one. That one problem right now is reading a text file.
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Vis Kataboman 18-Mar-23 12:28pm    
OK, what I need to know then is how do I script a parser? so that it can send my text files to grbl shield via arduino.
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Mar-23 17:39pm    
If all you're doing is taking the file, displaying it in a textbox, then sending that data to the CNC, what is there to parse?

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