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greetings kind regards . i wish to record calls to my C++ library via its API then at a later time playback all in same sequence . this to duplicate errors which may be reported and reproduced by users so as to permit investigation and correction . i assumed such software previously exists but could find none via web search . i humbly request kind readers of this paltry postulant provide generous recommendation . thank you kindly - Cheerios

if pre-existing code does not exist i am happy to write my own as it seems then to be a useful i.e. profitable product . but that is a contradiction as if that were so than many others more knowledgeable and skillful than myself would have done so long ago . so if i am mistaken in my ignorant belief re/ usefulness to other programmers kindly advise . thank you most generously

What I have tried:

seeked advice in Lounge . advice kindly provided by The Lounge[^] but flew over head . searched web found only references to something called REST and RESTful . have no idea their meaning but does not seem helpful as saw no discussion re/ playback . also discussion of same seems overly complicated and sophisticated as my needs are simple for a simple desktop library which interacts only w/ permanent storage and no internet or web services .
Updated 20-Mar-23 2:11am
Richard MacCutchan 20-Mar-23 7:09am    
Looking at Google's search results I suspect you will need to write your own.
Shao Voon Wong 20-Mar-23 8:46am    
Take a look at my C++ article:
Shao Voon Wong 20-Mar-23 8:58am    
Take a look at my New C++ Streams library:

For example, to add a user, you write in the log

"ADD_USER Name:{0}, Age:{1}"

To read from the log for replay, you use the same above format string to parse for the Name and Age.

If I remember correctly, it ignores the timestamp before "ADD_USER", so you need not extract the timestamp out.

I've never heard of such a thing, though there is Microsoft Detours[^] which may allow you to write your own app to do it.
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Logging is usually not necessary to record all C++ calls - it usually works at a higher level, for example, for login events you would usually record "user A logged in, time, device, credentials, result" rather than a bunch of calls to C++ libraries, because when you analyze you are usually looking at business events rather than library calls, and libraries are only good to look at if they belong to a business level event, and recording every library call is usually not a good way to debug.
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